Now Raegen just stays calmly at our feet.

Dog Training for the Metro Washington, DC area. Before training, walking Raegen around our neighborhood was stressful, and we couldn’t take her on the weekends to vineyards that allowed dogs because she’d just bark the whole time! We wanted to include her, but her behavior made it unpleasant and embarrassing so we didn’t. She barked at other dogs, and was also pretty anxious. She was also a huge beggar at the dinner table!

Since she’s been home, we’ve stopped by and talked our neighbor who was out with their puppy, and Raegen just laid calmly at our feet. She also doesn’t beg and instead stays quietly on her bed. We’re also really excited about being able to take her off-leash, because before we couldn’t have trusted her to come back when we called her! We’re so happy to be able to include Raegen in our life so much more, and we know she is too!Dog Training for the Metro Washington, DC area.

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Leila Shiekhy is the founder and owner of K-9 Harmony. She started K9 Harmony with the goal of helping dogs and their owners reach a state of balance so that they can have the family member they’ve always wanted.