Dog Walking Adventures

Dog Walking DC Arlington VA Bethesda Frederick MDK9 Harmony offers dog adventures for the dog that just wants to get out of the city and into the woods! These are offered from 10 AM to 1 PM, Tuesday through Thursday. We pick up dogs in the Frederick, Clover Hill, and Ballenger Creek area. We bring dogs to areas perfect for hiking, running, sniffing, and socializing. It’s like doggie daycare, but with ten times the adventure!

Contact us if you are looking for Dog Walking around the Arlington VA. – Frederick MD area!

Our daycare is similar to a half day daycare program and runs roughly three hours (each dog gets two hours of hiking time and an hour of car time). This program is perfect for dogs who love to explore outside and spend the rest of their day resting in their home and for those dogs who get overwhelmed in a traditional daycare setting.


Dog Walking DC Arlington VA Bethesda Frederick MD


We keep dogs in a balanced state of mind by teaching them appropriate social skills. Once they learn impulse control, we can teach them good manners around people and dogs, how to walk as a pack, and more impulse control related activities!





Dog Walking DC Arlington VA Bethesda Frederick MD