What kind of tools do you use?

We use prong collars and low-level remote collars. These tools allow us to communicate with your dog using gentle, clear guidance and produce amazing results.

Why do you use prong collars?

While prong collars look scary, they are actually more humane than many of the no-pull harnesses out there when used correctly. They are also better for your dog than having them pull you down the street on a flat buckle collar, choking themselves in the process. The prong collar applies gentle pressure evenly around their neck and allows you to communicate with your dog in a language they understand!

Does K9 Harmony use treats to train dogs?

Our training is relationship-based. We believe that your dog should learn to work and focus on you rather than when they will get that next tasty treat. We have found that dogs tend to get overly-excited and hyper rather than calm and focused when using treats.

What is a low-level remote collar or E-Collar and why do you use them?

A low level remote collar produces stimulation similar to a TENS unit at the chiropractor rather than a “shock”. It is painless, and highly adjustable. This allows us to communicate with your dog at the lowest level needed for your dog to notice it’s there! You will be amazed when you feel for yourself how gentle the stimulation is! They are used as a tap on the shoulder to get your dog’s attention and are simply used as a training tool.

My dog is out of control on our walks-can you fix this?

Yes! We can help with everything from mild pulling to dog reactivity in just a short amount of time. Our Rock Your Walk program will put the enjoyment back into your walks!