One of the most common things dog owners are struggling with is a wild and crazy dog in the house. They may run around nonstop, nip at your heels, or even use the couch as a platform to jump off of! None of which is fun or at ALL what you probably had in mind when you added a dog to your family. So how do you stop it?

You may have tried a multitude of things already to stop it, but they’re just not cutting it!

It starts with not letting your dog practice the behaviors you DON’T like in the first place! How to do that?

Your leash is a great tool to both prevent a tornado of a dog in your house, and also teach them how to relax because that’s the only option. Most people think of the leash as a way to walk their dog, but it’s so much more than that!

It allows you to set boundaries that are non-negotiable because it prevents your dog from practicing behavior that you don’t want to allow in the house. Keeping your dog on a leash in the house allows you to teach your dog what’s expected of them clearly, and makes it clear that your expectation is a calm dog in the house.

So try this. After your walk, keep your dog on their leash, either holding onto it, or simply letting them drag it around the house. When you’re relaxing on the couch, rather than letting your dog roam and get into trouble, give them just enough leash to lay down and sit back and watch TV or read your book, ignoring your dog. If they paw at you, guide them off of you with the leash. You’ll likely find that they relax more and more quickly IF you’re clear and consistent about your expectations.

Again, it’s about building new habits, spuppy- arlington vao stick with it, and use that leash until you’re seeing better behavior from your dog.