Josie West Highland Terrier Dog Training Washington DCLet’s start with the basics.

I have an eight-month-old, HYPER by nature, West Highland, who I adore but who I was unsure I could keep because she needed so much monitoring, so much discipline and didn’t seem to be getting it. I had a Westie for 16 years and I thought these two dogs would be similar in temperament—I assure you, they are NOT. The vet said she had never seen a puppy so hyper in her 20 years in practice.

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In walked Leila, with her gentle, calm and strong constitution and Josie capitulated within about two minutes. I actually started crying because the relief was overwhelming—I knew I could keep her and I was devastated at the thought of giving her up so the relief was incredible. Leila trains both of us—Josie on her listening skills and repeated “jobs” and me on how to reinforce this training and develop a real leadership role with her that she was craving. I had pretty serious ankle surgery this summer that left me unable to walk, and Josie is my family so I didn’t want to ship her off while I was recuperating. However, I also didn’t want her to be a burden to my caretakers. She was a delight—still a puppy, still active and still hilarious but she knows, even from the couch, that I am in charge. She even heels with me while I’m on the knee roller scooting around the house and this was something I never believed would be possible.

I could not recommend any trainer more effusively and I’m so blessed that we have Leila and her natural talent in our lives as she is amazing and recurring source of encouragement, compassion and wisdom. We’d be lost without her!

Jeannie E.
Washington, D.C.