vizsla-puppy-training Vienna, VALeila at K9 Harmony helped bring more control and order to life with a very active 8-month old Vizsla puppy. We had done some basic training with Cali and had good success with basic commands in controlled environments but struggled with leash training – pulling, jumping at passers-by, chasing squirrels, and eating sticks and leaves on our walks. We also had her space in our house restricted so she wouldn’t steal socks and anything else she came across.

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Leila was able to train Cali with a set a simple commands and tools that set a good foundation for us to pick up in our own family. Cali is doing great with loose leash walking and can play off-leash and comes when called. She’s able to heel and not dart off after other animals and is not trying to eat sticks and leaves when we’re out – which helps us keep her safe and healthy. She is more under control in social settings and is no longer behind gates in our home. We can take her along with us on family outings – just as we could we she was a new puppy. We have a lot more outlets for her boundless energy than just long, long walks and runs. Leila truly helped us settle into a better lifestyle and routine with our active and attention-loving dog.

Beth C. and Family
Vienna, VA.