Dog Training For New Market MDBefore Cora came to K9 Harmony, she was a diamond in the rough. She was a wonderful family member in many ways, got along wonderfully with dogs and people, but was challenging to control when leashed. Her excitement towards other people and dogs turned into her lunging and barking at passing dogs and people, which made it difficult to include Cora in her owner’s active lifestyle. They wanted to take Cora hiking and camping, but couldn’t with this behavior! She also was mouthy with people, and jumped all over them on first greeting.

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Cora’s owners signed her up for our Two Week Board and Train so that they could live the life with her that they wanted! During her board and train, we taught her how to manage her excitement and make better choices! Here’s what Cora’s owners had to say after she stayed with us:

Leila did an awesome job with our dog, Cora! Cora was easily excited which made walks a dread. Leila made it possible for us to actually walk our dog without stress! Highly recommend the board and train!

Cora and Family
New Market, MD