husky-dog-training Washinton DCSo you’ve brought your new dog home and you’re wondering what’s next. You can’t wait to introduce them to your friends and family but hold on! What you really need to do is give them time to settle in. Taking them out right off the bat when they’re already overwhelmed isn’t going to bring out their best self, and there’s really no rush! Imagine being abducted to a new world. It would be scary, and you wouldn’t be your best self either! Your new dog needs time to process the changes around them, and time to regain the structure they lost during the transition.

When it comes to dogs, taking things slowly is the way to go!

Instead of taking them everywhere from the beginning, take those first two weeks to allow them to get used to all the new sights and sounds from the comfort of their crate. By having your dog in their crate while the sounds of their new household are going on around them, you’re giving them time to process all the changes that they’ve been through. Here are a couple things to remember when you first bring your dog home:

Leash- When you’re taking your dog out to potty or exercise, keep your dog on a leash. This allows you to interrupt them if they do go to chew your favorite pair of shoes on their way out the door in a non-confrontational manner. This also goes for jumping up on the furniture! By keeping the leash on your dog, you’re able to get them off WITHOUT grabbing their collar.

Exercise is a necessary part of your dog’s life, so make sure they’re getting time to release some energy by playing ball, initially on a 15 or 20 foot leash.

Give your dog limited free time in the house initially! Giving them time away from you allows them to process all the new experiences they’re having! It also give them the structure they need to start feeling comfortable in their new home. Structure is a dog’s best friend, so give them what they need! Your dog will thank you.

Avoid introducing your dog to new dogs during their first two weeks (or longer depending on your dog). A stressed out dog isn’t going to be in the best state of mind to meet another new thing, so give them time!

These are just a few ways to help your new dog adjust to their home!