dog-training-Reston-VAdog-training-Reston-VALeila has been wonderful with my Westie, Teddy. He was a typical terrier puppy, wild and wooly and full of energy and Leila gave him direction and easy commands that I can follow to help things along. Teddy is still a little crazy but things are so much better knowing that I have a firm foundation that we both understand.

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And a bonus is that Leila will board pups for a quick follow-up on the first lessons. That is such a great benefit! Plus she is only a text away if you have any questions or concerns.

Teddy and I love K-9 Harmony and can highly recommend Leila and her training!

Jill C. and Don O. of Reston, VA

Meet Teddy the West Highland Terrier! He came to us when he was five months old for training. He didn’t listen, pulled on the leash, and did lots of puppy nipping! Teddy stayed with us for a week to work on his focus and attention. Terriers are busy little dogs since they’ve been bred for a purpose- chasing small animals. Along with that desire to chase things comes a desire to do their own thing since they needed to be able to think independently of their owner when out chasing prey. It works great for a working dog, not so great for a family pet. This meant that it was up to us to harness Teddy’s desire to work and help him control his impulses. We’re happy to say that after his time with us, Teddy was much more willing to take direction and even worked on his obedience at the vet, which can be a stressful place to be! It’s up to his owners to continue the work we started!

Leila-K9 Harmony