Hey DC area dog owners, let me ask you, do you ever feel frustrated with your dog?



Don’t get me wrong, I know you love them, and they’re a member of your family, but sometimes when you’re dealing with their behavior, it’s hard to enjoy them.

Does this sound familiar?

When you get home from work, all you want to do is take a relaxing walk through the neighborhood, but instead you’ve got to deal with a stampede out of the crate, and then a blur of fur running across the couch, and maybe the crash of things being pushed off the counter after your dog jumps up on it.

Once you actually get the leash on, you’re yanked out of your front door, and then sling-shotted from spot to spot on your “walk”.

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You’d like to relax on the couch for a little while before you make dinner, but that’s not gonna happen with your dog jumping up to lick your face.

You give up on trying to relax, and go into the kitchen to make dinner…oh wait, now the real struggle begins.

You push things as far back as you can on the counter as you get dinner ready to keep them out of reach, and manage to make it without anything being snatched.

This is NOT what you had in mind when you brought your puppy home! You imagined camping trips, and a well-behaved dog laying at your feet while you relaxed in the evenings.

Maybe your dog does all of these things, or maybe they only do a few of them. The reality is that most of our clients are dealing with some or all of these issues, and maybe even more!

Is this how the day to day with your dog is going to be?

Ready to Learn About Our Programs?

Their behavior is closing your world in, instead of letting you live life together. You love your dog, but you’re struggling to find the solution and for all the Youtube videos you watch, advice from coworkers, and books you read, you’re just not finding

But what if…

You come home to your pup, and let them out of the crate when you get home just like you’ve always done. Instead of barreling out though, they wait calmly until you give them the okay. Once they’re out, they follow you around and lean up against you, so you give them a scratch. You leash them up, and head out the door, looking forward to your walk instead of dreading it.

THIS is what you imagined.

A companion that you’re proud to take out, that others comment on just how well-behaved they are. You walk past others with a dog pulling at the end of the leash, and think about how glad you are that those days are over!

You take those weekend trips, and your dog is by your side for all of them, a copilot that can’t wait to see where you’re going next.

If any of this sounds like you and your dog, our comprehensive training programs are designed specifically for you to give unique results that other trainers can’t replicate! You’ll gain control over your dog while enjoying them for who they are.

Our programs are designed primarily for two types of people, one, if you’re someone who’s frustrated and at the end of your rope, and dealing with severe behaviors like anxiety and reactivity, this program is designed to help you fix those problems.

Or maybe you’re like one of our other clients, where your dog has some issues but your main goals are off-leash obedience, freedom with your dog, the ability to include them in all of life’s adventures outdoors and in!

Cali’s owners were exactly where you are now, and here’s what they have to say:

“We can take Cali along with us on family outings – just as we could when she was a new puppy. We have a lot more outlets for her boundless energy than just long, long walks and runs. Leila truly helped us settle into a better lifestyle and routine with our active and attention-loving dog.”