Puppy Jumpstart

Our Puppy Jump Start program will set you up for success for the road ahead! Puppies are a lot of fun, but also bring their own set of challenges and a learning curve for everyone involved! Shorten the learning curve and prevent problems before they start! This program offers a comprehensive look at all things puppy and covers everything from house-training to teething!

Learn how to raise your puppy to be a wonderful family member, starting now!

  • 2 One on One private sessions
  • Information packet includes our best puppy-raising tips
  • Introduce your puppy to Sit, Down, and Come
  • Socialization guidance
  • Puppy nipping solved
  • Tips on introducing your new puppy to friend and family

  • For puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks
  • Puppy must have at least their first round of vaccines
  • Puppy must have been in your home at least 10 days

“Basil had no behavioral issues outside of those of a typical puppy but I knew that I wanted to jump ahead…after training, she knew all the basic commands, stopped picking up things off the ground, and walked on the leash without any issues.”

Kate K. 

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