Goldador-dog-training-AlexandriaLeila and K-9 Harmony were referred to me by friends and I sent my 15 week old Goldador puppy, Basil, for a week of puppy immersion “board and train”. Basil had no behavioral issues outside of those of a typical puppy but I knew that I wanted to jump ahead and get the training in early to mitigate any issues down the road.

The biggest problem she had was thinking the leash was a toy and wanting to play and bite it when being taken for a walk. Additionally, the Labrador in her wanted to eat everything she saw on the ground which led to an emergency visit to the vet for ingesting something icky. After returning from her week of training with Leila, Basil was like a completely different puppy. She knew all the basic commands, stopped picking up things off the ground, and walked on the leash without any issues. Leila spent time with me going over what Basil had been taught and she was available for questions even weeks after the training ended.

I feel like the training made my time with Basil all the more enjoyable and I plan to send her back to K-9 Harmony for additional training as she continues to grow. Leila’s professionalism, knowledge, and availability only served to enhance my desire to use K-9 Harmony again in the future.

Kate and Basil from Arlington, VA